We have initiated a massive upgrade of our heating and ventilation systems!

Check out how we are taking a step towards the future!

Dear guest!


Røros Hotell is certified as an Eco-Lighthouse business and constantly works to become “greener” through environmentally friendly, sustainable, and energy-efficient solutions.


To reduce energy consumption, the hotel has decided to invest 20 million Norwegian kroner in various energy efficiency measures. The project is divided into several areas, including drilling for geothermal energy and installing solar panels.


The projects will start after Easter and will continue until around mid-June. Unfortunately, this will result in some more noise than usual, but in the long run, it will give us a “greener” everyday life.



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Røros Hotell

We are actively working to find solutions to reduce our consumption. When all of our «green» projects are completed, we will be able to reduce our energy consumption by over 50 percent.