Røros kirke. Foto: Tom Gustavsen

Røros is a UNESCO world heritage site


The World Heritage site Røros and surrounding landscape include a unique industrial mining town established in 1644, built out of wood and surrounded by a cultural landscape which shows how the copper ore was driven from the mines. It’s placement on top of a mountain plateau, in cold climates with poor growing conditions created a unique culture, which has been maintained to this day.

Our history


Røros Tourist hotel was completed in 1951. Director Knut R. Strøm and his wife Kristin were central in the development of the hotel. In 1977 the hotel took over the running of Kaffestuggu; in 1988 Vertshuset was bought and renovated. In 1986 Røros Tourist hotel was renamed Hotell Røros, and in 1990 the company name was changed to Hotell Røros AS. The Culture and Convention Centre Storstuggu was completed in 1999, in close cooperation with the municipality of Røros.

Røros Hotell
Inngangsparti Røros Hotell. Foto: Tom Gustavsen

Who are we?


Since the start in 1951, we have developed the hotel with respect and passion for the traditions and the history of Røros. This town has been changed, from a mining town into an international destination. Røros Hotell is an important part of this development, among which we also must count the play “Elden”, the Femund Race and the Winter Music Festival. Our restaurants can offer the best of local produce. We have 7 wine and 2 beer sommeliers and a solid foundation of dedicated cooks.